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 Welcome to Workers’ Rights Legal Services.

When Your Job Matters, Experience  Matters.

We provide prepaid legal services to Los Angeles County public employees. Instead of your union representative or business agent, your work-related issue is handled by the experience and supervision of Bonnie Lane, Attorney At Law.

Workers’ Rights Legal Services (WRLS) is a service that provides members access to low cost legal services regarding work-related issues.

A prepaid legal service is very similar to a health insurance policy.   Typically you would pay an attorney an hourly rate which can be costly and prohibitive if you are having difficulty with your employer.  By paying an affordable monthly fee you will have access to the legal services of Bonnie Lane and her associates, related to your work should you need them, as long as you continue your membership.

The legal services that you will enjoy with your membership include:

  • Consultations
  • Document Review
  • In the event that you are subject to a disciplinary action, your monthly fee will cover representation by an experienced attorney up through the Los Angeles County Civil Service Commission administrative hearing.

Workers’ Rights Legal Services is committed to empowering Los Angeles County workers by promoting the understanding of their respective rights with knowledgeable and aggressive attorney services to enforce these rights. With the increase in required reports, an increase in requests for written statements by supervisors, and an increase in administrative investigations, our attorney services have become a reliable safeguard for workers in various County Departments.

Join our team if you want an independent, experienced Labor Attorney who will stand up for you and help strategize when work issues present themselves. Your $25.00 per month membership will ensure that you have high-quality legal representation for job protection and enhancement, with an annual payout that will cost you the same as the average attorney rate of $300 per hour.

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