Membership Agreement


Authorization: When you sign and return the application for membership from Workers’ Rights Legal Services (“WRLS”), you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Membership. WRLS is open to all Los Angeles County public employees for a monthly fee of $25.00 (plus related fees).
  1. New Member. A new member will be eligible for representation when the new member becomes a Member-in-Good-Standing.
  1. Member In-Good-Standing. A Los Angeles County public employee becomes a Member-In-Good-Standing after three consecutive months of paid WRLS dues. WRLS members must continue to pay dues every month, either through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or directly to WRLS, without interruptions to remain a Member-In-Good-Standing.
  1. Representation. Eligibility for representation begins 90-days after the first payment is received. Matters occurring before and within the 90-days are not covered. Only members In-Good-Standing are eligible for representation. WRLS reserves the right to evaluate the merits of a claim. Members must call our office at (323) 836-8898 and speak with one of our office staff in order to obtain authorization for representation.
  1. Scope of representation WRLS representation covers matters in civil service proceedings, as set forth in the signed Representation Agreement. On a case by case basis, WRLS may consult and represent members in the grievance procedure, however, WRLS does not have the contractual right to arbitrate after the third-level grievance review. WRLS will consult and represent non-union covered employees such as managers in departmental grievance proceedings.WRLS reserves the right to decline representation or withdraw after filing a case where WRLS determines, based upon our investigation that we are not likely to prevail. WRLS reserves the right to withdraw from representation if the member refuses a settlement offer where the WRLS representative assigned to the matter does not believe that any greater benefit will be obtained by continuing formal proceedings. WRLS reserves the right to withdraw from representation due to the lack of cooperation, or undue hostility, from a member towards the assigned WRLS representatives or staff. The member must choose their representative at the beginning of the case and WRLS will not accept cases where the member has chosen alternate representation and later attempts to switch representation back to WRLS.
  1. Suspended Membership. Your membership is suspended when you have not submitted membership dues payments as required. When your membership is suspended you are not eligible for representation.
  1. Dues. Regular membership dues are $25.00 a month. Direct payment of monthly membership fees must be received no later than 10-days after the due date to be credited for that period. If dues are not received as agreed, your membership will be suspended.
  1. Contact Information. WRLS members agree to inform WRLS of any changes to their contact information. Los Angeles County is not authorized to give us your contact information. Please update your information changes by logging onto YOUR account at or by sending a notice to WRLS, 3575 Cahuenga Boulevard, West Suite 580, Los Angeles, CA 90068, or give us a call at (323) 836-8898, or you may e-mail us at Please include your full name, employee number, department name and number, home .and work address, e-mail address, along with your home, work, and cell phone numbers. Without this information being correct we have no way of contacting you or keeping you informed of WRLS’s activities.

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